Certificate - Schools Broadband

Certificate - Schools Broadband

Installing SSL Certificate 


If you receive a warning that a website is untrusted you will need to install the following certificate.  


  1. Download the certificate see Certificate section from your SharePoint IT support page

  2. or https://webadmin.schoolsbroadband.net/webadmin/tools/download_proxy_cert.php

  1. Click Open (or, if Chrome was used then click downloaded file in lower left corner) 

  1. If you see a file security warning then click Open to proceed 

  1. Click the Install Certificate button 

  1. In the Certificate wizard choose the Local Machine Store Location and click Next 

  1. In the next part of the Certificate Import choose the 'Place all certificates in the following store' option then click Browse 

  1. choose 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities' from the available list followed by Next 

  1. Click Finish then OK to close message certificate dialog 


If installing on an iPad the certificate must also be trusted:- 

On iOS devices (iPads, iPhone)  

  1. Once loaded click on Allow 

  1. A notification will be displayed – Profile Downloaded, select Close 

  1. Open Settings 

  1. Click on Profile Downloaded (toward top left) 

  1. click on Install a few times then Done 

  1. Once installed you will also need to choose General – About – Certificate Trust Settings (bottom)  

  1. drag slider across to ensure the certificate is trusted 

  1. then click on Continue 

Please Note these will differ depending on what versions of iOS is installed 


Praestantia Support Contact details  

If require any assistance with accessing your emails please do call us on 0330 1244731 or email support@praestantiatech.co.uk  

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